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Refresh & Renew

‘Refresh & Renew’ has been designed to help participants connect, understand and apply leadership theories. By applying these theories to their own professional role, participants will be able to ascertain the type of leader they are, and how to motivate others in their respective teams.

Throughout the programme we will explore leadership styles, emotional intelligence, and motivational techniques to inspire team commitment to the organisation ethos, values, and goals. Motivational speakers from a range of areas will deliver masterclasses in ‘Leadership’, ‘Creating a Culture of Excellence’, ‘Change and Growth Management, and ‘Conflict Resolution’.

We endeavour to provide each participant with a meaningful and supportive learning environment, ….. and development of a peer supportive workplace.


On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Identify prevailing leadership styles within the organisation.
  • Assess the impact of these styles on behaviour performance within their team and organisation as a whole.
  • Assess levels of motivation and commitment to your organisation’s values and goals amongst the people that you lead.
  • Identify factors shaping motivation and commitment.
  • Assess your ability to use different leadership styles as appropriate to situation and the people.
  • Communicate organisation values and goals to others.
  • Assess your ability to motivate others in line with organisation’s values and goals.
  • Create a personal development plan in relation to your leadership skill in inspiration and motivation of your team.
  • Understand your own personality type and preferences, and assess the impact of these on leading others.

The Refresh & Renew" Programme is broken down into 8 topics and a final assignment, there is also an optional Team Building Day that can be added to the Programme.

  • Senior Management Team/The Organisation
  • Managers/Supervisors - Leading from Within
  • Leading Others
  • Creative Thinking
  • Leading for Outcomes
  • Leadership Masterclass
  • Leadership Development (Interactive)
  • Fresh Eyes
  • Assignment
  • Team Building Session(Optional)

BREMAR can customize the programme to be tailored to the needs of your organisation




Bremar offer a selection of courses focusing on social care issues. We can also provide a bespoke service whereby we can tailor training or a suite of courses based on client requirements. Depending on Government restrictions and your own group’s requirements and/or preferences, courses can be delivered face to face in a classroom setting, or online via Teams or Zoom.


We offer Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 accredited Child Safeguarding courses.

Course Duration:
Level 1 and 2 are half day courses;
Level 3 requires a full day’s engagement

Building Resilience

In a post-lockdown context, this course offers participants the opportunity to examine and personally explore the following:

• Benefits of Building Resilience
• Isolation - How to cope
• 5 steps to Wellbeing
• Wellbeing Personal Action Plan

Course Duration:
Half Day or Full Day formats available;
Full Day Course has more content and more detailed learning objectives / outcomes

Communication SKILLS

Workshop focusing on the importance of building positive relationships and how effective communication can aid in the promotion of a positive environment.

The course can be tailored to suit personal or professional scenarios in order to enhance specific skills including eye contact, body language etc.

Course Duration: Half Day

More Courses




This course has been developed with a focus on the professional requirements of social care staff (NISCC registered) in respect to the underpinning requirement that staff should at all times behave responsibly and maintain professional and ethical boundaries with service users.

It focuses on the role of social care workers and their responsibilities when working with service users.

Themes included are as follows:

• Professionalism
• Identification / Managing Boundaries in Social Care
• Crossing / Breaking Boundaries
• Personal v Professional
• NISCC (Values and Standards of conduct)
• Boundary Setting
• Key Policy & Guidelines
• Collusion
• Trust & Confidentiality

Course Duration: Half Day


This is a half day course which examines the issue of bullying and how it impacts both the target and the perpetrator.

We will also explore the following themes:

• What is bullying?
• Impact of bullying
• Cyber Bullying
• Key features of bullying
• Dealing with bullying
• Organisational approach to bullying
• Bullying statement

Course Duration: Half Day


This is an interactive workshop which focuses on the scenario of the social care worker who has been called to give evidence in court.

This workshop will provide insight into the courtroom environment, and look at the various courts and how to address the judge/ magistrate in that particular setting.

There is also an interactive element which deals with giving evidence and an opportunity to experience a cross examination from a legal professional.

Due to the interactive aspects of this course, face to face engagement is recommended where possible.



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