BREMAR offer a consultancy service to clients with reference to a number of specific areas. The consultancy process is best understood as a two-way interaction. In a typical consultation BREMAR will elicit information from our clients, review current services and then develop a prescriptive solution, based on needs analysis and service requirements.

Needs Analysis

BREMAR will conduct a needs analysis for your organisation upon request.

A needs analysis will provide an overview of current services and identify potential opportunities for improvement or development. A needs analysis may include the following:

  • Direct Observation
  • Questionnaires
  • Consultation with management
  • Interviews with staff and focus groups
  • Review of service records and reports

Service Review

BREMAR will complete a service review and provide an evaluation report which will highlight strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for development.

Such reviews can be used to improve the organisations efficiency and effectiveness which can assist in addressing financial sustainability.

BREMAR can customize the programme to be tailored to the needs of your organisation

Programme Design & Development

BREMAR will design and develop a tailored solution based on organisation needs analysis and service review requirements.

The process will involve:

  • Research
  • Consultation
  • Initial Design
  • Testing
  • Re-testing

This process will provide clients with an action plan.


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